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At MARKOLASER, we set very high standards for quality by rigorous quality control systems, 2 years warranty on complete laser system and excellent after sales service.
Laser Marking Applications
Markolaser 3D-2D watt De Fiber Laser Machine Also available options 20W / 30W / 40W
Laser Marking Applications

Markolaser: Fiber Laser Marker - 20W-DE / 30W-DE

What is 3D Laser Engraving?

The object to be engraved is placed under the focal point of the laser in the designated area. The design is a 3D or 2½ D file made by a special software (this is not a simple 2D file of 2 Planar axis). This 2% or 3D design is sliced vertically by special software into many slices. The laser beam evaporates or erodes each layer to form a 3D structure.

The well suited materials for engraving: Brass, Copper, Steel, Hard tool steels, Carbides, Graphite, Certain ceramics.

Why Markolaser ?

Markolaser is the only company outside USA and Europe with a very good experience in 3D laser engraving with additional features:

Stable machinery center.

Extremely good in 3D and 2½D micro laser engraving in less than 30 microns beam sharpness.

Markolasers deliver beam perpendicular(tolerance of 1°) to the surface over the entire field of work, so even at the corners, the holes or channels are machined accurately.

Rugged optical systems with very high damage threshold > 2J/cm 2 and excellent anti reflection coating from Europe.

Advantages of Markolaser 3D Machine

A motorized Z axis for fine tuning and ease of use.

A motorized Z axis can take loads upto +100 Kgs.

3 Way Red Pointer for mark preview.

Door laser safety alarms.

Engraving depths can be adjusted.

Suitable for 254 mm fØ lenses.

Ideal for curved parts and step marking.
2D rotary marking and engraving possible with an optional attachment.

Process indicator shows whether the machine is in a stand by, working or alarm mode.

Easily diagnosed for Online trouble shooting without visiting the site.



German Fume extraction unit.

Cross X-Y table.

360° Rotary Attachment

*Technical Specifications only on request.
Samples Gallery of Markolaser: Fiber Laser Marker - 20W-DE / 30W-DE