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MARKOLASER is a market leader for the manufacturing of laser marking machines in India for industrial productions for sectors like Medical, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Jewellery, Traceability solutions, Watch making, Semiconductors, Plastics, Aerospace, Utensils, Bearings & Tools and many more.

At MARKOLASER, we set very high standards for quality by rigorous quality control systems, 2 years warranty on complete laser system and excellent after sales service. Its mission is to provide the customers with reliable & precise results acknowledging the highest quality standard demands of the industry. Markolaser portfolio includes standard machines for specific industry solutions and customised automations adapted to customer specific requirements. The Company has very sophisticated high value production equipments which ensure zero tolerance in the manufacturing of these machines by experienced and skilled mechatronics, optics & electronics engineers. It has manufacturing facilities at Baddi and Gurugram and many distribution & service centres across major locations in India and overseas, to reach and support its customers in no time.

MARKOLASER Guarantees Reliability.

Markolaser: Fiber Laser Marker 10W / 20W-DE / 20W-DE / 30W-DE / 70W-DE

Top of the line - mean and tough industrial lasers for small to heavy parts. Finest quality components procured from around Europe are integrated by our experts to perform even the most difficult industrial assignments. These mean machines can mark clean and crisp lines and produce finest quality deep engravings in 2D. Blackening and color marking on an array of materials is done with ease. Last but not the least, integration into industrial automations is also done by our separate automation division. The key features of these machines are as under:

* +120,000 Hours of expected laser lifetime.
* Compact air cooled design with very smooth Motorized Z axis movement for plus 80 kgs.
* Enabled for future automation like Rotary/ Indexing Table without any change of cabinet.
* Operating temerature is 47°C.
* 3 way working area for higher production.
* Highest marking quality beam diameter < 32 Microns.
* Foot switch operated.
* 3 way Red pointer for mark preview.
* Markolaser - 20 watt.
* Optional Suction Unit.
* Very high speed.
* More user friendly design.
* Enhanced design for placing it in online production or online marking.
* No Chinese components used, mostly UK / German / French / Japanese.
* Onboard swiveling (faces operator on both sides of LED monitor and computer).
* Comes with a safety tower light.
* 2 years warranty complete laser.
* Excellent after sales service by a highly qualified & experienced technical support * Team with low cost of ownership and maintenance.


* Rotary device : 50g to 50 Kg load options.
* Indexing tables : 2 stations to 36 stations.
* Conveyors : 0.5mts to 20mts/minute options.
* Mark on fly : Marking parts while moving.
* Jigs and fixtures : Teflon/Aluminium or other materials.
* Automations : Please discuss with our team for auto loading and unloading.
* Fume extractors : Special safety enclosures to comply with CE and class 1 laser regulation.
* DE-series is excellent for general purpose 2D deep engraving functions, comes in 20W/30W.
* High Speed.