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MARKOLASER is a market leader for the manufacturing of laser marking machines in India for industrial productions for sectors like Medical, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Jewellery, Traceability solutions, Watch making, Semiconductors, Plastics, Aerospace, Utensils, Bearings & Tools and many more.

At MARKOLASER, we set very high standards for quality by rigorous quality control systems, 2 years warranty on complete laser system and excellent after sales service. Its mission is to provide the customers with reliable & precise results acknowledging the highest quality standard demands of the industry. Markolaser portfolio includes standard machines for specific industry solutions and customised automations adapted to customer specific requirements. The Company has very sophisticated high value production equipments which ensure zero tolerance in the manufacturing of these machines by experienced and skilled mechatronics, optics & electronics engineers. It has manufacturing facilities at Baddi and Gurugram and many distribution & service centres across major locations in India and overseas, to reach and support its customers in no time.

MARKOLASER Guarantees Reliability.
    Laser Deep Engraving
Suitable Models:

Markolaser Xpress 20W
Markolaser Dynamic 30W
Markolaser Power 40W

Markolaser system allow an engraver a new opportunity to deep engrave metals much faster (4 times faster) than conventional lasers not compromising with the beam quality. The Control of depth, lens setup time, minimum taper of side walls are the biggest advantages of the Markolaser machines.
Marking & Engraving Metals: Short but repeatedly high and powerful laser pulses can remove even the hardest of metals. Our Lasers work very well on hardened tool metals like: die-steel, EN24, EN31, Brass even Titanium alloys.

Marking: Marking can be done in two ways. Mild micron engraving looks like marking on metals. Also high partial oxidation can result in black.
Industries: Steel / Aluminum / Ceramics / Gold & Silver Jewelery / Mold Cavities.
Tested On
Aluminum, Sic, Silicone, Silver, Gold, Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium.