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MARKOLASER is a market leader for the manufacturing of laser marking machines in India for industrial productions for sectors like Medical, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Jewellery, Traceability solutions, Watch making, Semiconductors, Plastics, Aerospace, Utensils, Bearings & Tools and many more.

At MARKOLASER, we set very high standards for quality by rigorous quality control systems, 2 years warranty on complete laser system and excellent after sales service. Its mission is to provide the customers with reliable & precise results acknowledging the highest quality standard demands of the industry. Markolaser portfolio includes standard machines for specific industry solutions and customised automations adapted to customer specific requirements. The Company has very sophisticated high value production equipments which ensure zero tolerance in the manufacturing of these machines by experienced and skilled mechatronics, optics & electronics engineers. It has manufacturing facilities at Baddi and Gurugram and many distribution & service centres across major locations in India and overseas, to reach and support its customers in no time.

MARKOLASER Guarantees Reliability.
    Marking on Cell Phone Accessories

Laser Marking on Battery: Quite different from traditional methods using stickers or ink jet printing to make marks, which are easily rubbed off and trigger secondary pollution, laser marking technology is the very solution to these problems, which also has the advantage of low cost and low consumption. The alphabets are marked on the keyboard by laser heat. They are permanent and unable to be erased or changed.

Laser Marking on Pen drive : When marked by laser, the black plastic turns into white due to the special feature of plastic. Texts, images, 2D codes etc. can be marked by this way.

Laser Marking on Sim Card : Fiber laser is applied to mark high-precision and subtle figures, such as bar codes on SIM cards. The feature of non-pollution is environmental-friendly.

Images Marking: Laser technology, nowadays, has become more and more mature in marking area. Pictures are produced fast and accurately by laser equipments on many kinds of materials, such 2D PICTURES.

Sample Gallery of Marking on Cell Phone Accessories